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Why Website Design Is Important for Small Businesses

September 16, 2016 - Web Design, Web Development, Website Design -

Do you remember the days when, in order to be found, a small business needed a Yellow Pages’ listing? In the days before the internet took hold, the phone company would annually publish a phone book. The back half had yellow pages with paid ad listings for businesses. If someone wanted a plumber, they pulled out the phone book, turned to the section for plumbers, and looked through the listings. A website design is important for your small businesses in the same way.

Companies spend hundreds or thousands per month for a one-time printed advertisement because a Yellow Page listing was essential to survival. Today, a website is just as important. In fact, in many ways, it is even more important. In the past, consumers decided to call your business based on a small two-column ad. Now, your potential customers are using your website to evaluate your credibility, level of expertise, and reliability.

Reasons Website Design Is Important for Small Businesses

  1. Work-Of-Mouth Referrals – When a client passes your name along to friends and family, the potential customer is going to look you up online. When they search your name, it is important that they find your business website.
  2. Print Advertising – Print may seem old-school to some, but it is still highly effective. However, a business needs to include a website on business cards, flyers, and print ads. Potential customers will use your website to evaluate your business.
  3. Walk-In Customers – When a consumer wants to visit your store or office, they will often search online for location information. When they search your name, it is important that you are the first listing.
  4. Marketing Items – Including your web address on shopping bags, key chains, car banners, and other promotional and marketing items will make it easier for potential customers to find out more about you.
  5. Social Marketing – When a person discovers your company on Facebook or LinkedIn, the logical next step is to seek out information on products and services through your website.
  6. Email & Text Signatures – Including your web address in an email or text message signature means people are just one click away from learning more about your small business.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about why website design is important for small businesses, or need more information, please contact us.

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