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Website Design Techniques to Increase User Engagement

September 8, 2016 - Web Design, Web Development, Website Design -

You will often hear from online marketing gurus about user engagement. What is it and how important is it? Ultimately, the user engagement that businesses want is the conversion from website visitor to active customer. Nonetheless, if users are not engaging with your website, the likelihood of them converting to a sale is slim. Therefore, businesses must focus on website design techniques for increasing user engagement.

It is demanding. However, effective user engagement strategy is fundamental to generating business online. A business needs an interactive and reciprocal relationship with users. Consequently, there are tactics and techniques essential for engaging with and building your audience.

Blog Content

You may get sick of us talking about the importance of blog content, but you need to give users a reason to return to your website. Studies have shown that a user will have a higher conversion rate on their second or third visit. Consumers need to get to know and trust your brand before they buy.

Rewards and Incentives

These are a great way to encourage engagement. One idea is a giveaway with a daily entry. This encourages visitors to return every day. You can then give bonus entries for sharing content on Facebook and Twitter, writing a review, or commenting on a blog post.

Live Chat

This will not only increase user engagement, it is an easy method for professionalizing your service. Moreover, many consumers prefer live chat over calling or emailing. The only caveat here is the live chat must be top notch. Once a person connects with a customer service representative, the conversation must be continuous.

Social Media

Don’t place sharing links on your homepage. They don’t work. When you look at your Facebook or Twitter feed, do you see people sharing The Wall Street Journal or articles from The Wall Street Journal? Your blog content, images and videos are what need sharing tools. Every blog entry shared expands your organic reach.


Whether it is a button proclaiming “Shop Now” or “Make An Appointment”, your need a strong call-to-action to lead visitors down further into the sales funnel. Don’t make visitors hunt for them. These calls-to-action must stand out on your website. Investigate a user’s most likely path, and place a call-to-action where they most need it.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about website design techniques to increase user engagement, or need more information, please contact us.

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