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Discover SEO for Mobile Website Design

September 1, 2016 - Web Design, Web Development, Website Design -

All businesses have come to understand the importance of mobile website design. Smartphones and tablets have become so prevalent that those companies without a mobile-friendly site are at a serious disadvantage. Moreover, search engines have begun to penalize sites that do not accommodate mobile devices. However, just having a mobile website is not enough. There is search engine optimization practices specific for mobile website design.

First, any discussion of mobile-friendly sites should help business owners understand the differences between different mobile site types. There are three.

Responses Design – With a responsive website design, you are technically providing the exact same website to visitors. It is the same URL, content, and code. The website look will simply change to conform to the visitor’s device.

Dynamic Serving – With this method, the web server recognizes the visitor’s device, and then sends a page custom designed for that device. As with responsive website design, the URL is the same for all devices. The difference is a unique design for a customized mobile experience. Sites – Also known as a parallel mobile site, this technique creates a completely separate site for mobile devices. For example, if a smartphone accesses, the visitor is sent to This is the most costly option.

If your website is otherwise optimized well for search engines, there are only a few modifications needed. These additions tend to revolve around the visitor experience and usability. Keep in mind, that ranking algorithms consider popularity, authority, and engagement. Therefore, it is essential to your mobile website design looks good with the selected device, with a high level of usability.

Mobile On-Site SEO

  • Speed – Website speed is always important, but it is more significant to optimize speed for mobile devices.
  • Avoid Pop-ups – Overall, pop-ups are an outdated trend, but even higher bounce rates on mobile devices.
  • Navigation – The design needs to consider fingers trying to scroll to keep fingers from accidentally clicking buttons.

Mobile On-Page SEO

  • Headlines – Keep headlines short but compelling.
  • Opening – Your opening paragraph should summarize the article.
  • Paragraphs – Ensure that content is broken up into small paragraphs.
  • Images – Avoid using large images meant for larger screens.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about SEO for mobile website design, or need more information, please contact us.

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